Despite challenging year, we're ready for the future

Mark Webb

Over the last four years, the Class of 2020 has faced enormous challenges, met with greater change; yet through it all, we adapted and succeeded together.

I think this speaks volumes to not only my fellow classmates but the society of our generation as a whole. We are being propelled into a reality in need of change and the Class of 2020 will serve as a beacon of light to make that difference.

Throughout high school, I personally had the distinct privilege of wearing many unique hats. Whether it be serving on Student Council with my fellow student body officers or editing the yearbook with the staff in Room 107. Each position helped me excel in the next season of life. In a way, we all wore many hats.

The Class of 2020 is full of athletes, artists, scholars, musicians, journalists and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not until a culmination of these talents converge that the future will prosper, not only individually, but as a whole.

Looking back at my time at East Fairmont, as crazy and untraditional as it may seem, I wouldn’t want to change anything about my experience; I wouldn’t want to change the memories with my fellow seniors for anything. Whether it was performing in the talent show or smashing frozen T-shirts on the baseball field during Wednesday Night Lights, the good times at the Hive will not be soon forgotten.

The Class of 2020 has a story to tell — and what a story it is!

Since we walked into this school as freshmen, we have seen smartphone apps that help people recover from strokes, and a millionaire TV star was elected president — and got impeached. Wildfires claimed Australia. West Virginia teachers went on strike, not once, but twice! And to cap it off, a worldwide pandemic ended our senior year.

From making headlines to making history, the 100th graduating class of East Fairmont High School was sure to leave its mark on the school. With the flip of a switch, it seemed like the world was put on pause and life as we knew it ceased to exist. However, our story goes on.

So, as the Class of 2020 sets forth into the next season of life and we exchange our hats for caps and tassels, remember, it is the experiences and memories obtained within the walls of East Fairmont High School that will propel us into the future. No doubt we will face greater challenges than the ones presented at the Hive, however, there isn’t a challenge too big for the Class of 2020.

This was originally submitted for “A Graduation to Remember”

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