Early Voter Turnout

Deputy County Clerk Tom Antulov, left, and County Clerk Julie Kincaid look at early voter turnout numbers in the County Clerk's office in preparation for election day on Nov. 2, 2020.

FAIRMONT — Marion County elections officials said if 12 percent of registered voters place their vote by the end of the Primary Election on May 10, they will be happy.

"If we're between 10 and 12 percent, I personally would be really happy because we're at six now and we can double that, but, Lord I hope more people come out than that," Deputy County Clerk Tom Antulov said. 

As of Friday at 4:30 p.m., 1,800 early voters have placed their votes at the three early voting locations, since last Wednesday, April 27. 

Antulov said that so far, around five percent of registered voters have placed their votes for the May Primary. He speculates that another 200 or more registered voters, of the 36,007 total registered voters may place their vote today, the last day of early voting.

Of the early voters, Antulov said that the party breakdown is approximately four to three Democrat to Republican, but fluctuates frequently. 

Antulov said they have received 372 absentee ballots, as of Friday at 4:30 p.m. and between 400 and 450 absentee ballots were sent out. 

The low voter turnout is because this year is an off year as there are no exciting races, such as president or governor, Antulov said. 

"The off-year election primaries are always low, in relation to everything else. It will pick up in the general (election), but we’re going to have a low turnout and we expected that," Antulov said. 

Antulov said there is no way to tell how many registered voters will come out on May 10 for the Primary Election and he hopes numbers go up, but he can't venture to guess a specific percentage turnout. 

"There's no way of knowing. If people want to come out and vote, they'll come out and vote," Antulov said. 

The last day of early voting is today at 5 p.m. and ballots can be cast at the County Courthouse Annex or the J. Harper Meredith Building in downtown Fairmont, Whitehall Public Safety Building and the Farmington Community Building. 

For more information about early voting, click here. For information about the May 10 election and how to find your voting precinct visit here.

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