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Mayor Tom Mainella presents City Clerk Janet Keller with a proclamation at Tuesday's council meeting ahead of city clerk's week May 2-8.

FAIRMONT — Members of Fairmont City Council are now up-to-date on a new hospital being built at Middletown Commons.

President and CEO of Mon Health David Goldberg told council members Tuesday that Marion Neighborhood Hospital is on target to open by Christmas at the former shopping mall. At a cost of $15 million, the hospital will have eight private emergency rooms and 10 patient beds.

“What’s important about it is it’s a full service medical hospital. ER patients now have another choice close to the interstate so they don’t have to go all the way down south to Bridgeport, Clarksburg or Morgantown,” said Goldberg.

The hospital will have in-house lab service, full radiology and have board certified emergency medicine doctors at the hospital 365 days a year. He said it will be much less expensive and much more service-friendly.

“We will have people who walk in, you’ll have ambulances that can stabilize a patient along the way,” Goldberg said.

He said he discussed forming a partnership with Michael Angelucci, administrator of the Marion County Rescue Squad. Goldberg said Marion County has a great EMS system.

“We will let opportunities to partner to make sure both organizations have the ability to have EMS where they need to be to service the boroughs and the cities,” said Goldberg.

There will also be a medical office building that will have primary care, and expand into specialties.

“I already have surgeons who want to come, orthopedics, infectious disease, psychiatry and a couple other services that want to rotate in so patients can be seen closer to home,” Goldberg said.

Fairmont Mayor Tom Mainella said this time last year the county was reeling in sadness, apprehension and fear about losing the hospital.

Fairmont Regional closed Thursday March 19, 2020 after former owner Alecto Healthcare Services LLC, based in Irvine,Calif., said the hospital had lost $19 million in its last three years of operation and could not find a suitable buyer to take it over.

“Since then, with what you all are doing and what WVU did we’re probably in much better shape than we were to begin with health care wise. We did lose a lot of jobs but I guess those over time will come back,” Mainella said.

Mainella presdented a proclamation for City Clerk Janet Keller marking the 52nd annual municipal clerk’s week, which is May 2-8. Keller has served as City Clerk for 31 years.

“I’m in my 43rd year with the city and I’ve attended two international city clerk conferences in my time and met city clerks from all around the world. It’s just a great experience and I don’t know what else I’d rather be doing, so thank you,” Keller said.

Nathy Janes, head coach of the Fairmont Senior High cheerleaders, brought the squad before council on Tuesday. The squad won their first state championship in 21 years.

“Thank you all for bringing another state championship back to Fairmont,” Mainella said.

This year, the Fairmont Senior girls cross country team won a state championship, as well as the school’s football and boy’s soccer teams. The girl’s basketball team will head to the state tournament today and the boy’s team will head to state tournament next week.

“Congratulations to you all and thank you very much for coming,” said Mainella.

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