FAIRMONT — Simply Rustic Designs, an Etsy shop turned brick-and-mortar store, will open for the first time on Saturday.

Owners Susan Martin and Joshua Vandusen are the power couple behind the business.

They specialize in creating laser-cut wooden home decor items with unique touches, which they started creating in 2018. Their online shop quickly grew and the amount of deliveries and pick-ups from their home became overwhelming. They have tried craft shows and selling in other multi-vendor stores, such as the Arts and Antiques Marketplace, but they wanted their own space.

In the store, they will also be selling items from some nine other vendors. They will offer anything from T-shirts to bath bombs and candles to epoxied cups. Vandusen also emphasized that everything in the store is for sale and priced fairly.

He highlighted the floating mantles he created that can be easily removed and hold several of their wooden pieces in the store.

“We picked really great artisans that have really great products. So, we’re really excited for them to be able to showcase their items, too. But, I think what we are most excited about is the backroom,” Martin said.

In the back of the store, they created a workshop for customers to come in and create items they see in the store for themselves. They also plan to have classes on how to create some of the items they sell as well as those from their vendors. The space can also be used to host birthday parties.

Martin and Vandusen said they are most excited to just have a comfortable space for community members to spend time.

“I’m most excited to provide a nice space for people to come in and craft and shop, at the same time. ... To give the vendors a space, to give makers a space, to have birthday parties in. I’m so tired of birthday parties in the bottom of church basements,” Martin said.

The store will be open on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the first 20 customers will receive a free gift and raffle. Simply Rustic Designs is located at 900 Fairmont Ave., Suite 201 in Fairmont. For more information, visit their Facebook page or call 681-230-4209.

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