Film brings memories of Nick Saban

Filmmaker Bob Tinnell talks to members of the Black Diamonds football team, who are participating this weekend in the shooting of a short film called “The Game.” The film, a student project, hearkens back to the creator of the Black Diamonds team, Nick Saban, for whom the Idamay football field where the team plays is named.

Kerry Marbury remembers when Nick Saban, father of the current University of Alabama football coach, formed the Black Diamonds Pop Warner team in the late 1950s.

“He had an orange bus and he went around to every company store in every mining town around here to pick up the players,” Marbury said Saturday from the football field named in honor of his former coach, the Nick Saban Memorial Field. “It took hours to get the people and bring them to practice. He would pick us all up and deliver us when we were done.”

Marbury, now coach of the Black Diamonds, watched as filmmaker Bob Tinnell worked with his players for a short film called “The Game” that Tinnell hopes will be a tribute to the elder Saban, who died suddenly in the early 1970s when Tinnell played on the team.

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