A bright smile on Kelly Horton’s face could have fooled anyone on Wednesday morning.

In front of the Marion County Commission, the Fairmont Senior High School junior kept a strong composure as she explained why she needed help with her senior project.

Living without her dear friend Brogan Raddish, who died of cancer in 2009, has been a tragic loss, but in a way, one that has rejuvenated her. Inspired by Raddish’s courageous battle with cancer, Horton’s senior project would benefit one graduating FSHS student each year.

"I'd like to have someone go to college for free in her honor,” Horton said. “That's what she would have wanted. Brogan was an angel in my eyes. I will miss her forever. She will keep living in my heart. She meant a lot to me, and I want her name to keep living on.”

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