FSHS students fight extreme poverty

Outside of Fairmont Senior High School on Thursday, a group of students showed their support for Nuru International, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to ending extreme poverty. Students raised more than $2,000 that will benefit their mission.

A parade of Fairmont Senior High School students marched around their school on a fairly warm Thursday afternoon. But it wasn’t just an afternoon stroll for this group of about 80 students.

Buckets were carried on top of their heads, as they reflected on the purpose of this event — fighting extreme poverty.

“This is what these families have to go through every day just to have clean water,” Billy Williams, grass roots movement director for Nuru International, said.

What he was referring to were the one in six people worldwide who are living on less than a dollar a day, the people that must walk up to four miles a day to retrieve five gallons of clean water for their families. Children are often taken out of school to share in the responsibility.

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