Potential gubernatorial candidate Rick Thompson made an informal stop at the Democrat Club and Lounge earlier this week to talk with party activists.  

It was an informal meeting meant to discuss the possibility of a gubernatorial election and the domino effect that would take place if Gov. Joe Manchin is elected to the U.S. Senate at the general election in November. Thompson is the speaker of the state’s House of Delegates.  

“This is an informal, uncommitted meeting,” said Belinda Biafore, vice chair of the state’s Democratic Party. “It doesn’t necessarily mean we are endorsing him. We don’t do that in primaries.”

A point echoed to hundreds of Democrats and union loyalists at last Sunday’s Labor Picnic in Mannington by Vern Swisher, president of the Marion County AFL-CIO, when Thompson and state Treasurer John Perdue made their plans known.

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