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Artwork at Friendship Fairmont reminds program participants as they work through recovery.

FAIRMONT — Officials with Friendship Fairmont are still looking for a new space to relocate to after being asked to move out of the courthouse annex downtown.

Friendship Fairmont Director Rochelle Satterfield said while some locations have shown promise, no decision has been made as to where it is going to relocate. Friendship Fairmont is planning to petition the Marion County Commission and ask for an extension on the eviction date, though a time frame has yet to be decided.

“Right now we’re negotiating with a potential landlord,” said Satterfield, speaking during Tuesday’s virtual meeting of the Fairmont Homeless Coalition. “So, hopefully we can have an update on that soon.”

Earlier in March, the county commission asked the nonprofit peer recovery center to relocate from its fourth floor offices on Adams Street by May 1 due to conflicts between those frequenting the friendship room and individuals visiting the Day Report Center, which is located on the first floor of the same building.

Satterfield said despite the challenge, the friendship room is still providing services as usual.

Satterfield said a number of the center’s clientele have asked for information on how they can get their recent stimulus check. In order to provide help, Satterfield turned to The United Way of Marion and Taylor County and AmeriCorps 211 operator Sara Quigley.

With the weather warming up, the need for donations is also going up. The Friendship Room recently released a spring donation list, which includes items such as men’s clothes, hygiene products, sunscreen and other summer-related items. A full list can be found on the Friendship Fairmont Facebook page.

Marcella Yaremchuk, president of the Fairmont Women’s Club and Nancy Farley, vice president of the Women’s Club, gave an update on the charity program the club operates called, Blessings in the Basement.

Blessings in the Basement has helped 34 different people by providing household items, ranging from microwaves to bed sheets. Yaremchuk received a message during the meeting requesting a TV stand in the Fairmont Unity Apartments.

“We have been very blessed,” said Yaremchuk. “The owner of Clarion [Inn] is remodeling and he’s given us sofas, dressers, nightstands, lamps and linens. We could never supply for all these needs without their help.”

Farley said that if anyone knows someone who’s getting new furniture and has old things to get rid of, they should contact the Women’s Club to donate so the items can go to a home in need. Any home item donations are welcome.

To contact the Fairmont Women’s Club, call 304-365-0491.

A new issue creeping up in Marion County is youth homelessness, which is driven by young adults who age-out of the foster care system and have nowhere to go.

“That has become a problem,” said D.D. Meighen, commissioner of the Fairmont Homeless Coalition. “Some youth have problems at home with abuse that they’ve had to move out so they don’t get abused.

“The problem is trying to get the word out to let them know where they can find shelter.”

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