Brian Lyon during his trial

Brian Lyon sat in the courtroom during his trial in September, where he was found guilty of all charges.

FAIRMONT — Brian E. Lyon – convicted of murder in September – was sentenced Monday to life in prison without mercy.

Lyon, 39 from Pennsylvania, was found guilty of murdering Christopher Moses of White Hall in September 2019. Marion County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Wilson handed down the sentencing.

Additionally, Lyon was sentenced to between 139 and 185 years in prison, plus a fine of $10,000, for seven other charges on which he was convicted.

Lyon was found guilty on one count each of burglary and first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree robbery with a firearm, two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, first-degree sexual assault and attempted first-degree murder.

The jury found him guilty of all charges, recommending no mercy on the murder charge.

Wilson said Monday that the acts committed by Lyon are “as heinous as any I’ve ever seen.”

“The facts of this case, the acts of this case and what was done in this case are as heinous as any I’ve seen,” Wilson said.

He added that he believes if Lyon were to ever walk free, he would commit more violent crimes.

Monday, a woman whom Lyon raped and attempted to murder, recounted the events and told of the complications both mentally and physically she’s endured since the events.

After the victim gave her testimony, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Sean Murphy recommended that the judge hand down the longest possible prison sentence.

“This man can never be allowed to walk this earth as a free man,” Murphy said. “He has proven without a shadow of a doubt that if he were free, then he would do it again.”

Lyon was offered the chance to speak, and he claimed he was innocent of all eight charges.

“I feel empathy for the people, but I did not pull the trigger,” Lyon said Monday. He did not testify during his trial in front of a jury.

In September 2019, according to Facebook messages and cellphone records, Lyon attended a mixed martial arts watch party in Clarksburg, held by a friend. Also in attendance at the party was Christopher Moses.

According to video surveillance and cellphone records, Lyon and Moses left the party together in Moses’ pickup truck and drove up Interstate 79 to Moses’ home in White Hall.

Pieces of the events that followed are missing, but eyewitness testimony and DNA evidence link Lyon to a murder and sexual assault.

Lyons then stole Moses’ truck and fled to Pennsylvania, where he was arrested by police after burning the stolen vehicle. He was found carrying debit cards belonging to the woman.

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