While a recent AP-AOL News poll showed 66 percent of United States citizens collectively believe the country is headed down a path thick with wrong-way signs, several Marion County residents gave mixed takes on the subject.

“I think the country is on the right track, but they’ve go to do something about the war in Iraq to end that,” said Fairmont resident Jay Buda.

Other citizens agreed with Buda, applauding the country’s overall efforts but chastising the situation overseas.

For Worthington resident Billy McClelland, things seem to be looking kind of the opposite. Although he believes the country seems basically to be on the right track as far as the war, he said the economy is definitely staggering, which is paving the way for a perilous path.

“I agree we’re on the right track, but the economy is going to hell,” he said. “We’re

on the right track defending freedom but the wrong track with raising the prices of everything.”

Tristan Rosier, another Fairmont resident, has no ailments about the condition of the government right now.

“I think they are on the right track with the war and financial status,” he said. “I’m a college student and I’m pretty well taken care of financewise. I have no complaints there.”

As far as the war, Rosier said that although he does not entirely agree with the situation in Iraq and even has friends who have gone over to fight, he thinks the government is doing the right thing in aiding the people there and in currently trying to get out of combat.

“A lot of people complain about the war and stuff, even people who were for it before,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m all for war or anything, either. I think (the government) definitely needs to develop an exit strategy, but I think they are working on that.”

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Fairmont resident Sonya Hardesty said she has serious objections to the road the president and the government are headed down.

“I would say it’s not on the right track. I think the economy (is down) and morale is down,” she said. “After the government botched things like Katrina, the poor people are not very happy with them and that’s what we have here (in Marion County).”

Agreeing wholeheartedly with Hardesty’s opinions, Fairmont resident Michael Randolph said things will likely not look up until a new president takes over the office at the end of President Bush’s term.

“I would say (the country) is not on the right track. We need serious changes and a new attitude,” he said. “If we get Hillary (Clinton) in office, it should be better.”

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