The Town of Monongah is getting closer to finding out why it has lost some of its water in the past few months.

The town hired Steve Cain, an engineer with StanTech, to determine the reason for the loss. During Monday’s council meeting, Cain told council what has been found so far.

“The first step was to get with the distribution system operators and start doing some random testing of meters,” Cain said.

He told council that the water tank was having to be filled halfway because it took longer for the tank to be 100 percent full and employees had to work overtime to fill it.

“It would cost us more overtime to fill it up,” Mayor Don Harris said. “If we can go ahead and get rid of the overtime and concentrate on the accountable water, we still have a lot of water that’s not accounted for.”

Cain also told council that leaks in water lines may be a factor in the loss. They have eliminated a few lines where they know there is no leak and will continue to look for leaks.

“It’s not one big leak,” Cain said. “But it’s sure starting to appear like multiple smaller leaks are in the system.”

Fixing valves may be another solution to the loss. Cain said there may be something wrong with the water plant, but if there is it will be under warranty.


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