Following a data breach at TJX Companies Inc., an area bank will close some existing Visa debit cards.

MVB Bank will cancel certain cards to safeguard customers facing a problem that TJX experienced. According to, TJX stores such as T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, A.J. Wright and others “suffered an unauthorized intrusion into computer systems that process and store information related to customer transactions.”

The Web site states that TJX learned of the violation in mid-December and contacted law enforcement officials. In its investigation, the company determined that an unknown intruder had stolen credit and debit card numbers. It then notified banks and credit card companies of the particular numbers found to be compromised. TJX is still trying to find out if other card numbers or information were stolen, the site says.

Dick Martin, president and CEO of MVB, stressed that the bank itself did not suffer a security breach.

“Somebody got (TJX) information that they weren’t entitled to,” he said. “The only way I know to protect the customer is to do what we’ve done.”

A data processing team sent the bank a list of cards that were in danger due to TJX’s data breach, and MVB in turn informed its clients.

“We got a notification of what cards had the possibility of being exposed,” Martin said. “The only cards that we’ll replace are the ones that have had the exposure.”

MVB will close the affected cards and mail new cards to clients for free. The new cards are in the process of being sent to customers, and MVB will work to make the transition as quick as possible, Martin said.

“It’s obviously inconvenient for the customer,” he said. “You have to cut them off, and they’re without access for a short time.”

In a letter to cardholders, MVB informed clients that the specific cards would be canceled on Jan. 31 and they would begin mailing new cards on Jan. 22.

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