Destionia Hope Mays

Destionia Hope Mays, the daughter of Candace and Sanford Mays, is the area’s New Year’s baby. She was born Tuesday afternoon at Fairmont General Hospital.

Marion County, meet Destionia Hope Mays.

The daughter of Fairmont residents Candace and Sanford Mays, Destionia became the first baby born in the county in 2007. Weighing 7 pounds, 10 ounces, she was born at 12:03 p.m. Tuesday at Fairmont General Hospital. Dr. Patrick Bonasso delivered the baby.

Due on Jan. 8, Destionia was born about a week early. Candace, 23, went into labor at 6 a.m. and was induced an hour later. After about five hours, Destionia became a part of the Mays family.

Daisy May, 3, and Sanford Jr., 1,

were there to meet their new baby sister. Other relatives gathered for the happy occasion, too.

“We’ve had family here all morning,” Sanford, 28, said.

Candace was thankful for the ease of her labor. “I got really lucky because my other two (children) were really easy, too,” she said.

But her third pregnancy wasn’t always smooth sailing. About two months ago, doctors noticed that the baby had five ovarian cysts in her stomach, Sanford said.

On Tuesday evening, Dr. Bonasso told Candace that the baby was healthy and that he didn’t believe the cysts were a concern, Candace said. Because of the problems during the pregnancy, Candace and Sanford gave their little girl the middle name “Hope.”

Susie Darrah, nurse manager of maternal child health, said three women were in labor at Fairmont General Hospital on Tuesday. Candace said her cousin was one of the three.

It’s not uncommon for the new year’s baby to be born after the first day of the year, Darrah said.

“One year, we went three or four days without delivering,” she said. “You don’t always have a New Year’s baby right on New Year’s.”

The hospital delivered several babies last week and the week before Christmas. Awaiting the first baby of the new year is always exciting for the staff, Darrah said.

“From the CEO to the housekeeper, everybody’s interested in whether we’ve had a New Year’s baby.”

And no doubt, the Mays are excited about the new addition to their family that the new year has brought.

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