Two teen-age boys have been arrested in Fairmont in connection with the beating death of a homeless man in Orlando, Fla., last April, authorities said.

Orlando police identified the youths arrested in Fairmont on Sunday as Deangelo Stephenson, 16, and Devon Stephens, 15.

The two and three other juveniles, all living in Orlando — Johnnie Hastings, 15, of 716 Jernigan Ave., Arsenio Dennison, 16, of 738 Dunbar Court, and Roshad Smith, 15, of 809 Avondale St. — were arrested over the weekend, Orlando police said.

All five youths are charged with second-degree murder for the death of August Felix, Orlando police said.

Felix, 54, told police he was attacked by a group of teenager’s on March 26 near an Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) substation on America Street, according to WFTV-Channel 9 and Orlando police. OUC security guards found Felix lying on the ground near the substation.

Felix died about 30 days later of injuries suffered during the attack.

During the investigation, WFTV-Channel 9 reported that other homeless and transient people had reported similar attacks in the same area.

Stephenson and Stevens had moved to Fairmont, but how recently is unknown.

Police in Orlando and Fairmont were not revealing any other details about the five youths Monday night. Fairmont police arrested Stephenson and Stevens on Sunday, Fairmont Police Chief Steve Cain said.

Cain and Marion Prosecutor Patrick N. Wilson declined to answer questions about the arrests. They cited state law that grants confidentiality to juveniles charged with crimes in which prohibits officials from identifying them.

Stephenson just turned 16 on Saturday. He is the oldest of the five boys under arrest

Sgt. Barb Jones, a public information officer with the Orlando PD, said in a press release that Stephenson was in 10th grade at the city’s Boone High.

Stephens was a ninth-grader this past school year at Jones High. Hastings was also a ninth-grader at Jones High, as was Dennison. Smith was an eighth-grader at Howard Middle School.

Det. Patrick Schneider is the lead detective for the Orlando PD on the case. Det. Keri Mercer is the second lead.

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