Two bids for the county’s animal-control contract have been submitted to the Marion County Commission.

The bid deadline tolled last Friday. The commission will discuss the contracts June 15 to be poised to award a contract June 22, said County Administrator Kris Cinalli. The contract runs from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.

Marion County Animal Control Inc. submitted a $105,000 bid. The company is owned and managed by Lilabeth Crosby, who served as Marion County’s chief animal-control officer from 2005-10. Though Crosby bid for the animal-control contract last year, the humane society was awarded the contract.

Marion County Humane Society and Rescue wants to renew its contract, but it is asking for more than double the $100,000 amount awarded last year. The humane society, which favors a no-kill approach to animal control, wants $220,000 to do the job. Prior to Crosby taking over animal control in 2005, the humane society held the contract briefly in 2004-05.

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