Those responsible for two bomb threats this week at East Fairmont High have been identified and will face the consequences, school officials said.

Superintendent of Schools James Phares said two freshman girls were identified as the culprits. The two have been suspended and will be recommended for expulsion, he said.

Since the Marion County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incidents, criminal charges may be filed as well.

“The message is: Just because you drop a paper on the floor doesn’t mean you’re going home for the day,” Phares said.

The paper with the bomb threat on it was found on the floor and brought to the office by two responsible students, Phares said.

The school day was interrupted Monday and Wednesday by bomb threats, principal David Nuzum said.

Wednesday, Nuzum held discussions with each grade level to let the students understand the severity of the situation.

Since this is East-West Week, Nuzum said if further issues occur the annual spirit week festivities will be canceled, including all “non-essential extracurricular activities.”

Nuzum is also considering banning cell phones from the building altogether. The current county schools cell phone policy prohibits students from using cell phones in class but permits them to use them before and after instructional time ends and at lunch. Many students still have their phones with them, Nuzum said.

Monday, the threat wasn’t found to be credible and students remained in class. Wednesday, Nuzum still felt the threat wasn’t credible, but summoned deputies and notified Phares’ office as a precaution. Students were emptied from the building for about 40 minutes while the building was searched.

Each time the building is searched, no stone is left unturned, including a thorough search of each student’s locker, Nuzum said.

After a rash of bomb threats last year, every cabinet and storage closet in the building is locked at all times, Nuzum said.

Following a complete search, students were returned to class.

“We are ensuring the safety of everyone in the building,” Phares said.

This is the fifth bomb threat this year at East Fairmont High School, Nuzum said.

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