A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and a successful fundraising campaign for the United Way of Marion County begins with a single dollar.

But some journeys go faster than others, and this year’s Pacesetters initiative has helped the United Way hit the ground running. Thanks to the generosity of Robert and Karolyn Smith and many Marion County residents, the campaign has raised more than $20,000 since it started almost a month ago.

“We’re thrilled with the gift from the Smiths,” said Mary Jo Thomas, head of the Pacesetter Section on the campaign cabinet for the United Way of Marion County, “not only that they were willing to step forward, but that they were willing to challenge others.”

The Pacesetter portion of the campaign is something that helps kick the campaign off each year, said Tina Shaw, president of the campaign.

“It’s been very successful this year,” she said.

“Our campaign chair and the campaign cabinet, they’re really jumping on board,” she said. “They hit the ground running and it’s very exciting.”


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