A water-discoloration problem in parts of White Hall appears to be clearing up, said David Sago, the utilities manager for Fairmont.

Classes will resume today at White Hall Elementary School, school officials said. The school was closed Wednesday because of the brown-colored water.

Crews “flushed out” parts of the water system in White Hall on Wednesday by opening a pipe at the Marion County Industrial Park, Sago said.

He said a definite cause for the appearance of water with elevated levels of iron and manganese remains unknown.

Sago said the water department suspects that something akin to construction activity “stirred up debris lying on the bottom of a line somewhere.”

Despite the discoloration, Sago said tests of water samples taken at various points in the system and at several restaurants showed enough of a chlorine residual to make it safe to drink.

The problem started last weekend when employees at a motel at the Middletown Mall reported the muddy-looking water, Sago said Tuesday.

By Monday, the problem appeared resolved. But on Tuesday, restaurants and residents in the neighborhood of the mall and around the school were reporting problems with their water, Sago said Tuesday evening.

Residents near Deerfield called the newspaper to report discolored water as well.

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