We faced the COVID-19 challenge and persevered

Graisen Lindsey

Senior year is one of the most anticipated and exciting years of our lives.

We are told about it early on and are continuously reminded that one day we will walk across the stage into the future. A future where our true lives have just begun.

The moment we become seniors we are guaranteed certain privileges that only seniors can get. Senior nights for all sports, a Bee Bash thrown just for us, Senior Skip Day, clapped out, the respect of most students and teachers (if earned) and graduation. The moment we have been waiting for, for over 12 years of our lives.

No one could have imagined that the Class of 2020 would not get that privilege. No one could have even guessed that our senior year was to be cut short and we would not get the graduation we had earned and expected. No one could have known that we would lose one of the momentous events of our lives.

As a student of the Class 2020, I never dreamed that my high school career would end, not with a big celebration with my friends with our gowns on and caps thrown into the air, but a short video watched with my parents, in my pajamas. It is upsetting to say the least.

But all things happen for a reason.

The pandemic happened for a reason. It made life stop and forced everyone to take a step back and breath. To take a moment and look at this world of ours. I thought that meant life would start when the pandemic stopped, but it did not.

People kept moving. They were not going to let a virus stand in their way. The Class of 2020 did not stop either. Even though the situation had changed, and the pandemic made us homebound, the teachers and the student body did not hesitate to make the proper adjustments. They moved the classes online, supplied food and other services to those in need, gave seniors a virtual graduation, and even gave us a chance to walk across the stage ourselves.

They did not let the pandemic stop them and neither did everyone else. While homebound, many student got scholarships, signed for college, and even started college. We pushed through to the end and did not quit. The Class of 2020 earned our graduation and our senior year. These events were meant to show just how strong we are as a generation.

We proved that we would persevere no matter what. That we can adjust to the situation and never let it slow us down. We have proven that even a pandemic cannot stop us from succeeding. We were told that the Class of 2020 would be remembered, and people would look back on us for years to come. They could not have known just how right they were.

This was originally submitted for “A Graduation to Remember”

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