FAIRMONT – West Virginia State Police charged a Fairmont man with passing a fake $100 bill.

Police charged 28-year-old Brandon Michael Carroll of 328 Walnut Ave., Apt. 2, Fairmont, with one count of fraudulent schemes.

According to the criminal complaint, Carroll was witnessed near the intersection of Walnut Avenue and Third Street where he came upon a man and asked him if he had change for a $100 bill.

The victim told Carroll he had change for the bill, pulled out four, $20 bills and accepted the $100 bill from Carroll.

However, when the victim walked into a nearby convenience store, the store staff told the victim that the $100 bill he just accepted from Carroll was fake.

So, police said, the victim,set out to find Carroll and get his real $100 back. However, instead of going to Carroll’s apartment, the victim saw the State Police officer nearby, walked over and reported the crime to him at the intersection of Walnut and Fourth Street.

According to the investigating officer, Carroll first gave the officer the fake name of Randy Masters. During a pat down search, the officer found a second fake $100 bill. The officer was able to verify Carroll’s correct identity using a “mobile fingerprinting device.”

A computer check also showed Carroll “had existing warrants out of Fairmont Police Department for Destruction of Property,” states the complaint.

“Mr. Carroll then began to excitedly utter that the only reason he attempted to pass off those fake $100 bills was because he owed a crack dealer $200,” states the court document. “Mr. Carroll stated the crack dealer gave him two fake $100 bills and told him to pass the fake money off to people in Marion County and to bring back the real money to him to pay off his drug debt.”

At press time, Carroll remained in the North Central Regional Jail where he is being held in lieu of posting a $5,012 bond.

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