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Main Street Fairmont Executive Director Tim Liebrecht, left, shoots video at downtown barbershop Simple Cutz for the 'Discover the Friendly City' marketing campaign.

FAIRMONT — Main Street Fairmont is releasing a new video campaign to market the city to out-of-towners.

The campaign is based on Fairmont's moniker as the "Friendly City" and officials from different organizations are helping promote that name through videos introducing the city to viewers.

"We want to tell the story of Fairmont," said Tim Liebrecht, executive director of Main Street Fairmont. "Part of the idea behind the Discover the Friendly City initiative was to dig in and tell our story, put it all together in one place and create a place where people can really learn and understand who Fairmont is, and what our history is, where we are right now and where we're trying to go in the future."

The video is scheduled to download on Main Street's website today, and Liebrecht said the organization will be producing more to promote different businesses and organizations over time. 

The project is meant to demonstrate the personality of the city to viewers through leaders of different organizations. Included in the video are welcomes from Marion County Chamber of Commerce President Tina Shaw, Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Leisha Elliott, Fairmont State University President Mirta Martin, United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties Executive Director Brett White, Fairmont Mayor Brad Merrifield and more.

Liebrecht said everyone he asked was happy to contribute, reinforcing the strength of Fairmont's community.

"We're also excited about the partners we got together for this," Liebrecht said. "We've got just a huge group of people that are coming together to make this happen, and that's a really cool thing. I think that says a lot about where our community is; we're able to come together and work together and put information out together."

Liebrecht gave updates on different Main Street projects at previous meetings of the Fairmont City Council and Marion County Commission. Merrifield, who is also on Main Street's Board of Directors, said he is pleased with the work Main Street is producing to market the city.

"People come together once they see there's something going on, and that's what we're trying to do," Merrifield said. "Main Street has a good core of people that are really trying hard to rebound from COVID and continue on to where we were before that. We had things lined up that we had to cancel."

Liebrecht said he believes Fairmont has a lot to offer visitors who are looking for a good West Virginia experience, but there has just not been enough promotion to sell it to people from out of state. He said he hopes to tell the story of people in the city through the people who live here, to make it a destination more people would want to visit.

"Historically, one of West Virginia's problems is we have done a bad job of talking about ourselves and telling our story in a way that resonates with the outside world," Liebrecht said. "We know that we have such a great product here, it's just about getting it out there and showing the world what exists here."

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