FAIRMONT — A second person was recently arrested in connection with a May 11 incident in Kingmont in which methamphetamine was allegedly found in a hotel room, according to a criminal complaint.

Court records show that Parris Dvon Penick, 30, of 100 Berkley St., Fairmont was charged with manufacture, deliver, possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a Schedule I or II narcotic and conspiracy to violate. After being arrested this week, his bail was set at $50,000 and he was booked June 4. He is in North Central Regional Jail.

Previously, Amanda Gayle Jones, 35, of 401 Birchview Dr., Fairmont, was charged with conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance in connection with the incident, according to a criminal complaint.

Police received a call about a Styrofoam cup that contained what was believed to be a plastic bag of a crystal substance, that was found in Room 224 at the Quality Inn in Kingmont, the court papers state.

A police officer noted, that inside the cup was a plastic bag that contained a crystal-like substance that weighed approximately 29 grams. Police said the crystal material tested positive for methamphetamine.

Police were also advised of what was perceived to be suspicious activity. According to the court papers, Penick, who was in Room 224, was allegedly observed walking multiple times to and from his room to the hotel parking lot. After being advised of the incident at the Quality Inn by police, Jones allegedly told police she was the one who rented the room at the Quality Inn and that she knows Parris Penick, according to the court papers. Jones told police she has been a contact person for Penick when they want to rent a room at a hotel and sell meth to local residents.

She told police she knows of multiple transactions of meth from Penick’s room because she witnessed various people go in and out of the room. She said she and Penick would contact local people and “let them know about meth being available and where to come to get it,” the court papers state.

Court records show Jones waived her preliminary hearing Dec. 13.

Eric Hrin can be reached at 304-367-2549.

Eric Hrin can be reached at 304-367-2549, or ehrin@timeswv.com.

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