Randy Farley, Tom Dragich and Mary Jo Thomas

Superintendent Randy Farley, left, discusses the process of hiring more personnel to the Marion County School district alongside Board of Education members Tom Dragich and Mary Jo Thomas.

FAIRMONT – West Virginia Governor Jim Justice will be recognizing the students and staff at Pleasant Valley Elementary Thursday.

Randy Farley, superintendent of Marion County Schools, said at Monday’s meeting of the Board of Education that the governor would be at the school at 11:30 a.m. to congratulate the students on their improved scores on state testing. He invited the members of the board to attend.

“The school is being recognized for their hard work,” Farley said. “That is to recognize the students on their scores on the Balanced Scorecard, so he will be there to give them a plaque or certificate.”

Farley also discussed the process of hiring more personnel to fill roles throughout the district, and said that the use of an online format has helped on this front.

“I would point out that since we started the online applications, we are getting more people applying,” he said. “It brought in 10 applications for the bus drivers. They have yet to all go through their training and follow through on everything else yet, but there’s more in the hopper than we’ve had.

“I do think that online application process has been a positive because we’re seeing more folks apply.”

Curriculum was also a topic at the meeting, with several board members bringing up the skills that will be valuable to graduating students in the coming years.

“An important area in terms of need is going to be for the skilled trades,” said board member Blair Montgomery. “I cannot overestimate how important the skilled trades are going to be. We have got to get kids looking at this as a possible career future for them.”

Board member Tom Dragich also said that the school administration has to be a part of making Marion County a destination, because a good school system beholds a positive influence on potential residents.

“This school system needs to be the destination – Marion County needs to be the destination for academic work in the state,” Dragich said. “I still think we need to continue working with Fairmont State and come up with some way we can put our best people together and come up with some things that we can do.

“We have the expertise among the people in the county and at Fairmont State, and we need to continue doing it.”

Following their discussion on this topic, the board members agreed that they should look into ways of implementing more technology and skill-based education into the schools.

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