Lloyd Ketterman

Lloyd Ketterman

FAIRMONT — A young offender was given a chance on Friday to turn his life around.

Lloyd Ketterman, 21, of Grant Town, appeared before Marion County Judge Patrick N. Wilson for a plea and sentencing on charges stemming from four incidents over the past two years.

Judge Wilson accepted Ketterman's guilty pleas on a felony charge of possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver, two felony counts of grand larceny, two felony counts of burglary and one misdemeanor count of brandishing a firearm.

The sentencing on those charges could have resulted in prison time for Ketterman from two all the way up to 30 years, plus a year in the regional jail, but a plea agreement was accepted.

Under the plea agreement, all sentences are held in abeyance and an alternative sentence was imposed of incarceration in The Anthony Center for Youthful Offenders, pending a pre-sentence investigation by the Marion County Probation Office to determine Ketterman's acceptance into the center.

Marion County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney JT Hodges said The Anthony Center is “a very good program” for those 25 and under who have committed a felony. He said it allows them to get their life “back on track.” He said those sentenced to the facility are there from six months to two years and said they learn a trade.

With Ketterman's young age and the police and victims in his incidents agreeable to the plea agreement, Judge Wilson said the court would “honor the plea agreement accordingly” and reminded Ketterman that he could be exposed to a substantial penitentiary sentence if doesn't go through with The Anthony Center arrangement.

He asked Ketterman if he would give it his “best effort,” which Ketterman agreed to do.

Ketterman's attorney, Michael Safcsak, said his client was “a very young man” who “got off on the wrong track,” adding that he has a good familial support system. Safcsak said it was his hope that Ketterman would take the time to “get clean,” noting that drug addiction was an “underlying cause” in this case.

In the July 30, 2018 case that resulted in the possession with intent to deliver charge, authorities responded to Ketterman's residence regarding a warrant from the Monongalia Magistrate Court, according to the original criminal complaint. As Ketterman was stepping out the door, an officer was able to look into the kitchen and saw what appeared to be cocaine on the kitchen counter packaged in several eight-ball sizes ready for distribution, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Ketterman tried to flee. The complaint states Ketterman tried to retrieve a firearm from his waistband.

However, during court Friday, Ketterman said the weapon only fell out.

In a May 10, 2019 case, Ketterman confessed to breaking into a garage in Grant Town and stealing a dirt bike, according to the original criminal complaint. He was charged with felony burglary and felony grand larceny.

In a Jan. 17, 2019 case, Ketterman was charged with felony burglary. According to the original criminal complaint, an officer was dispatched to the Grant Town area on Church Street for a burglary complaint, and the victim said Ketterman kicked in the basement door of a residence, and once inside, went upstairs, broke into a gun cabinet and stole multiple weapons.

In another case in which Ketterman was charged with felony grand larceny, an officer was advised by Susan Ketterman on Feb. 1, 2018, that her son, Lloyd Ketterman, had stolen a lockbox from their residence, according to the original criminal complaint. The complaint noted that it contained several valuable items totaling $1,800. She said Lloyd Ketterman also had stolen three checks from her husband on about the last week of November 2017, the complaint states.

Charges of fleeing an officer and obstructing an officer were dismissed as part of the plea agreement. Ketterman must also pay court costs and attorney fees and restitution to the owner of the dirt bike.

Judge Wilson asked Ketterman if he wished to make a statement, but he declined.

“I'm alright on that,” he said.

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