FAIRMONT — A 56-year-old man is accused of offering a juvenile money to perform a sexually obscene act July 10 in Fairmont, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint states that Randy Thomas Whitehair of 433 1/2 Walnut Ave., Fairmont is charged with patronizing a victim of sexual servitude. The charge is a felony.

According to the court papers, Whitehair allegedly “did patronize a 10-year-old male to perform a sexually obscene act at 425 Fairmont Ave.”

The complaint states that Whitehair was inside the Jag Laundry when he allegedly offered the juvenile $20 to show Whitehair his privates. The juvenile didn’t respond to Whitehair’s offer, so Whitehair allegedly asked the juvenile the same question a second time, the complaint states.

After Whitehair was detained by a Fairmont Police Department patrolman and read his Miranda rights, he allegedly told the officer that he had asked the juvenile “what he would do if someone asked him to show them his private parts for $20,” the complaint states.

Whitehair was placed under arrest.

Court records show Whitehair’s bail was set at $100,012, which wasn’t posted. He is in North Central Regional Jail.

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