FAIRMONT – Sam Mancinotti does his work from behind a board covered in hundreds of knobs and switches.

Alongside him, Heidi Moran works behind a camera, and Jesse James Gerken mans a computer to carry out marketing and promotions.

Together, the three make up Infinity 77 Productions, a new production company and studio.

“She shoots it, he puts the sound behind it and I market,” said Gerken, one of the company owners. “We do professional commercials for local businesses, we also manage talent like musicians and acts, we also rent sound equipment and we set up for party supplies and equipment rentals.”

Mancinotti, Moran and Gerken created Infinity 77 Productions after determining Fairmont had a need for a production company. The company recently moved into offices on Morgantown Avenue where they give organizations and artists a place to do their work.

“It’s basically all in one inclusive in that aspect, but our main focus of course is making professional commercials,” Gerken said. “So we shoot on site, and then we have a special effects green screen, blue screen in here so we can do everything to that effect.”

With the plan and studio set, the trio is working with local businesses to create commercials for companies to use in different advertising venues, whether it be internet, print or television.

“We have the ability to take anybody’s business and make it shine,” he said. “It can go on television, they could put it on YouTube, they could put it on any platform or social media or radio.”

Hiring and managing talent is another service the company brings to Fairmont. Gerken said they plan to find actors and musicians to help create any kind of commercial a business would need, which also helps to give the talent they manage a platform to work from.

“I think this will benefit the marketing here, I think it will benefit the businesses,” Mancinotti said. “Let’s make life begin in Fairmont.”

Equipped with the latest recording technology, Infinity 77 Productions also boasts a sound booth where they can record anything that, well, makes a sound – musical instruments to singing to voiceovers.

“We’re competitive in our pricing,” Gerken said. “We already had the equipment, so to come into this place was a very easy puzzle to put together.”

Through the work of the company, the three also hope to put Fairmont on the map by showcasing the people and talent leading the community in entertainment and business.

Gerken said Infinity 77 Productions wants to play a key role in showcasing Fairmont and North Central West Virginia.

“It’s time to step up Fairmont,” Mancinotti said. “It’s time to bring Fairmont to life.”

Gerken said the company could also bring musicians in to find a production company that suits their needs. But, he also said, it all starts with great marketing.

“We have a lot of talent in this area and we knew that,” he said. “We have a lot of restaurants, a lot of everything and nobody really knows how to market themselves.”

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Eddie Trizzino has been a reporter with the Times West Virginian since August of 2017, covering the entertainment, business and health beats. He spends most of his time listening to records, going to the movies and strolling through the town.

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