FAIRMONT —Seeking to stop the rumor mill, Marion County’s top prosecutor has issued a statement regarding last weekend’s assault involving motorcycle club members.

Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey L. Freeman said he has no indication of an “imminent war between any rival motorcycle clubs” in the wake of an Aug. 3 clash between the Hell’s Angels and Pagan’s at the BFS convenience store in White Hall that resulted in the stabbing of a New York man.

“In response to the frenzied spread of misinformation on FACEBOOK and other social media, please be advised that the office of Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Freeman does not now have, and never has had, any information indicating an imminent ‘war’ between any rival motorcycle clubs,” he stated. “As a result, Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Freeman has not released or confirmed any such information. No law enforcement agency in Marion County has received, confirmed or released any such information.”

Freeman added that “the misinformation spreading via social media also references a Deputy United States Marshal[sic].”

“The misinformation was not disseminated by the Deputy Marshal or the Marshal Service,” he stated. “The USMS has not gathered any information regarding the matter and is not active in the criminal investigation or the events that occurred in White Hall on August 3, 2019.”

Two members of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club face charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a felony in connection with the Aug. 3 brawl that ended with Kenneth Murphy of Hilton, N.Y. being placed in a medically-induced coma in Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

White Hall Police charged James Cody Biggie, 37, of 202 Skyline Dr., Rivesville, and Bruce Evan Davis, 53, of 135 Pine Lane, Fairmont, on Aug. 4 after warrants were obtained for their arrests. According to the criminal complaint, Biggie and Davis, along with Jason Harris and a fourth man, had what police called “a pre-planned physical confrontation with several male individuals in the parking lot of the BFS Foods in White Hall.”

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