FAIRMONT – Northern West Virginians who think there has been an unusual amount of rainfall this summer aren’t wrong.

While it is normal to have frequent wet weather at this time of the year, rainfall has been more than average year this year, according to a meteorologist with AccuWeather.

“We are above normal, not an incredible amount, but above normal,” said Tom Kines, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather. “So far we’ve had around 12 inches since May 1. Normally we should have around 10. It’s not record-breaking or anything but it is more than normal.”

Kines said the weather patterns crossing the area have been bringing with it some extra humidity, which causes the formation of storm clouds as well. This has caused not necessarily an increase in the consistency of rainy days, but just more rainfall more often.

“Typically in the summer time, most of our rain comes from a cold front coming through with a line of thunderstorms and it rains every four days or so,” Kines said. “We’ve had a lot of days where it’s rained not necessarily a lot, but more days than typical this time of year had rain.

“We’re getting rain four or five times a week when typically, we would get it maybe twice a week.”

Compared to last year and other previous years, this amount of rain is a definite increase, and Kines doesn’t see the consistency of rain stopping any time soon. A dry pattern would mean a shift in air

pressure, which he predicts won’t come within the next few weeks.

“I don’t think we’re heading into a dry pattern,” Kines said. “I would think that we can kind of expect this pattern to continue for the next few weeks.”

Despite the relatively wet weather affecting the area, Kines said the alternative would be intense sunshine bringing raging heat in its wake. He joked that the biggest beneficiary of this weather pattern is probably gardens.

“The one good thing about the increased frequency of the showers is at least the daytime periods have not been excessively hot,” Kines said. “We haven’t had that stretch where temperatures are in the 90s for days.”

“I’m sure everybody’s garden is doing just fine, and those who have to mow their lawn, I’m sure they have noticed.”

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