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Jonathan Rider holds two units of CBD oil, which is one form of the compound that he sells at Rider pharmacy.

FAIRMONT – Jonathan Rider, owner of Rider Pharmacy, has a son who suffers from problems stemming from autism.

The problems caused by the condition were so bad that his parents had to find a way to curb the symptoms if he were to have a chance at a healthy life.

“With people with autism, there is a lot of sensory issues,” Rider said. “Meltdowns can range from five minutes to a long time – an hour, two hours, depends on whatever is triggering my son.”

After exhausting several medicinal options to no avail, Rider had to look elsewhere for a solution. His research led him to the discovery of the compound cannabinol oil, which he read to have relaxing effects on both the body and the mind, and was said to help individuals deal with autism effects.

He was able to order the medication through Pure Cannaceutical, which is a distribution company that creates products with CBD.

“It’s a supplement that has become very popular,” Rider said. “In our own research with our son being autistic, we found that maybe CBD would help with anxiety and help calm him down, especially during meltdowns.”

Rider himself suffers from aches and pains in his muscles and joints due to years of physical activity. This allowed him to be a test subject for the substance to see his own reaction before giving it to his son. He said within the next two weeks, the difference was fairly noticeable.

“I saw some positive results within myself and within my son,” he said. “After about four to six weeks of consistent use, I started to notice the pain was going away and I was able to be more fluid in my joints.”

Now three years into treating his son, now 13, with CBD oil, Rider said the difference is substantial as well. He said the panic attacks his son suffers from are now easier for him to deal with, now calming down after only a few minutes.

“Within 10 minutes, it usually calms him down,” Rider said of the CBD oil. “We use the CBD oil to help him slow down, to be less anxious if you will. He still has meltdowns, it doesn’t take away the autism, but it helps him regulate a lot better.”

He also explained how the substance interacts with the body, and how it affects it throughout.

“We have our own endocannabinoids within our body,” Rider said. “When you introduce the hemp oil, it helps the body produce its own endocannabinoids; that’s where people are getting a lot of success with joints, pain relief and less anxiety.”

Also since then, Rider Pharmacy, the family business, has been selling CBD products at the store, despite originally facing some controversy. According to Rider, products with CBD are sold in the store, with individuals being able to get some information on its properties while there.

“After we had a lot of success with ourselves, that’s when we brought it out to the general population,” Rider explained. “It’s here, it’s available in the store, and they can talk to me or really anybody here about it.”

Rider Pharmacy carries several different types of CBD products, from the aforementioned oil to gummies to vapor. Rider said the dosage depends on the person, but he himself uses five drops three times a day.

While the product is completely free of THC properties, Rider believes there is still somewhat of a stigma associated with the use of a substance which comes from hemp plants. He said despite its roots, the plant and its extracts used in-store are different from what people know as marijuana.

“It’s not marijuana,” Rider said. “What people don’t understand is the product that we sell is THC-free, it’s not psychoactive, it’s all-natural, everything is on the up and up and we stand by the product we have.”

Rider said that those with questions are free to message the Rider Pharmacy Facebook page or call the store at 304-366-2710.

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