Yvonne Liberto

Rivesville Mayor Yvonne Liberto stands in the council chambers after being elected to office for a new term.

RIVESVILLE — Mayor Yvonne Liberto wants to finish what she started.

In the recent election, she was elected mayor with 118 votes over challenger Bill Lawrence, who received 14 votes, according to unofficial election results. She was happy that voters kept her in office.

“I’m happy they did because I wasn’t finished doing what I set out to do,” she said.

During her previous year in office, she set the goals of cleaning up the town and bringing some new businesses in.

“I didn’t get to do that in just the one year, so I thought if I stayed in a couple more years, maybe I could get things done,” she said. “And it seems to be a real good council that’s really excited about doing things.”

She has served three years on council and the past year as mayor. She was appointed mayor last year following the resignation of former mayor Mark Dorsey.

Liberto, who will begin her new two-year term as mayor next month, would like to clean up the town primarily through demolition of condemned structures. She said there are four condemned structures that she would like to see demolished.

“We’re looking to get some grants to maybe help us pay (for the demolition),” she said.

On the business side, Liberto said one new business she would like to get into town is a Family Dollar. She said a representative of Family Dollar came down to look at possible sites in the town, and the town is awaiting a response.

“We’re looking for the right location, it has to be something that’s seen from the road, that’s visual,” she said. “If that doesn’t work out, we’ll check into some of the others, like Dollar General, Dollar Tree. Anything we can bring in to bring some revenue in and to accommodate the residents so they don’t have to go clear out of town (for shopping). They can just stay in their town and pick up something.”

On another front, Liberto said the officers in the police department are great, and she wants to continue to work with them and make sure they have up-to-date equipment. Recently, a used police patrol vehicle was obtained for the department.

“Our officers are very well qualified,” she said. “They’re very conscientious, they’re honest, they’re hardworking, and I trust them with all my heart. They notice something, they take care of it. They come to me, and they tell me.”

Rivesville Chief of Police John McLaughlin commended Liberto, calling her “the best mayor ever.”

“I think she’s great for the town,” he said. “She knows everything about the town.” He said she is “very fair.”

Liberto thanked the voters for having faith in her.

“I will do the best I can,” she said. “I live here, so I want to live in a nice town, plus I want all the residents to be proud to live here, too.”

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