FAIRMONT — Fairmont City Council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution in support of West Virginia Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority during its regular meeting Tuesday evening.

The resolution proposes the support of the expansion of West Virginia Route 2 from Parkersburg to Chester to a four-lane highway and extensions Interstate 68 of North Central West Virginia westward to the Ohio Valley.

Council, according to the approved resolution, recognizes that the connection will facilitate development, enhance the economic diversity and stability of the region, encourage investment, expand the region’s tax base and enhance the possibility of a sustained long-term economic road in the area.

Fairmont City Manager Robin Gomez recently told the Times West Virginian that part of the proposed route would go through the northern part of Marion County, which could potentially be a positive asset to the area.

Council member Phil Mason commented as a member of the West Virginia Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority, “We appreciate the support from the mayor and city council for the efforts of improving Route 2 and extending Interstate 68.”

The expansion would provide advantages in both regions, said Mason.

“And to be able to connect the economies. There’s a thriving economy in the Ohio Valley; there’s a thriving economy in the Mon Valley,” said Mason. “And if the two were just connected, I think we would support each other, I think both economies would benefit from that extension.

“To be able to open up that area for tourism and development would be a terrific thing for the State of West Virginia.”

Also discussed at the meeting:

• Council adopted changes in the firefighter agreement.

• Council adopted an ordinance providing the abandonment of a right-of-way located between Locust Avenue and Ridgely Avenue.

• Council adopted the ordinance of selling one 1999 Ford 350 Super Duty diesel one-ton bucket truck to Fairmont State University.

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