FAIRMONT — On Monday, Morgantown-based Mon Health Systems received approval from the West Virginia Health Care Authority to build a new $25 million community hospital in Marion County.

The facility will offer emergency services as well as other medical services, with a mission to offer the people of Marion County a continuum of care, in the aftermath of the March closure of Fairmont Regional Medical Center.

“We just got approval Monday, so now we are in the process of finalizing plans,” David Goldberg, president and CEO of Mon Health Systems. “We’re having conversations publicly with everyone around us to know what the program will be. We expect to be up and operational in the latter part of 2021.”

According to its Certificate of Need, Mon Health will be creating a “10-bed hospital in Marion County providing a fully functioning emergency room and corresponding services with all the normal diagnostic and support services of an acute care hospital; capital expenditure: $25 million.”

The hospital will be constructed in a space in the Pleasant Valley region, and will begin construction within the year, according to Goldberg. He said he would not only like to see the people of Marion County have access to care, but have access to hospital jobs and positions as well.

“There will be 100 to 200 jobs depending on how busy we get,” Goldberg said. “We’re excited to be able to not only provide hospital-level care back to Marion County when this opens, but to also make sure people have access.”

The mindset of staying local extends to the construction of the facility, with Goldberg saying he would like to employ the services and materials of West Virginia companies.

“We are going to focus local,” Goldberg said. “I am committed when we go out to bid and we build anything related to the building or do any kind of development, I want to use West Virginia businesses to provide what we need for it, if they’re able to meet price and quality expectations.”

Goldberg said the hospital will provide a continuum of care, and an atmosphere of collaboration with different health care facilities inside and outside of West Virginia.

“Full service emergency room, on-site radiology, lab support, medical services,” Goldberg said. “We will not have a cardiac cath lab, we will not have an operating room. Those will go to the next level of care.”

The Mon Health CON is one of two recently approved to provide Marion County with hospital beds in the months after Fairmont Regional Medical Center closed in March just as the governor’s social distancing policy went into effect. WVU Medicine has also been approved to build a 10-bed hospital as well as set up an emergency room at the old FRMC building until the 10-bed facility is completed. WVU Medicine’s long-term plan is to build a 100-bed hospital off the Gateway Connector.

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