KINGMONT – The City of Pleasant Valley’s Planning Commission approved a proposal for the development of a new subdivision.

Stella Construction plans to build six new houses off of School House Road, near the area of Benton’s Ferry, expanding the amount of housing available in the area of Pleasant Valley.

“This site is in Benton’s Ferry going down Pleasant Valley Road,” said Pleasant Valley Mayor Barbara Metcalf. “It’s just a large vacant lot right now.”

Stella Construction Owner Dave Reitz has worked to develop housing in Pleasant Valley in the past, having built several homes on Locust Drive in the city last year.

Metcalf explained that contractors need to get approval from the city’s Planning Commission in order to develop, to ensure that the planned architecture adheres to all city code and zoning laws.

“We changed our site ordinance that anyone that builds more than three houses in an area needs to come in to planning and zoning to see if they fit the site,” she said. “There are a lot of new houses going up in the valley.”

Metcalf added that a new A&W restaurant is in development near Cracker Barrel, as is a new Family Dollar store, but the completion date for both is unclear.

“They’re doing a small restaurant in Par Mar,” Metcalf said. “They’re still building it and they put up the notice that they’re starting soon; They’re right now in the process of trying to get a manager and trying to do hiring, that’s what I’ve been told.”

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