An Upshur County man has been found innocent in the 2005 death of his infant son.

A jury took one hour Friday to find Sonny Alloway innocent of causing his son’s death by shaking 6-week-old Damien James Alloway severely enough to cause brain damage.

This was the second trial for Alloway. His first ended in a mistrial in February.

Physicians at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown determined the baby died from being shaken because he had no apparent external injuries.

But during the trial, an expert witness for the defense testified that the cause of death could have been a rare type of brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

“I get to go home,” Alloway said after the verdict in Upshur County Circuit Court. “I am relieved and I’m glad it is over. It was like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders.”

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