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W.Va. NAACP President Owens Brown addresses a press conference Tuesday in which its members called to have Attorney General Patrick Morrisey investigated and disbarred.

CHARLESTON — The West Virginian NAACP is calling for the impeachment and disbarment of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for his involvement in a lawsuit challenging votes in several battleground states during the general election.

State NAACP President Owens Brown read a resolution during a Tuesday press conference that said Morrisey attempted to violate the Constitutional rights of United States citizens.

He stated that on Dec. 9 that Morrisey joined an illegal lawsuit to overturn the presidential election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia in order to seal a victory for President Donald Trump.

“The indirect ulterior motive of the 17 state attorney generals in order to achieve their goal was an attempt at the nullification of millions of Black citizens votes in the cities Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta,” he said.

Brown said the West Virginia NAACP concluded that the lawsuit was a direct assault on the 15th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that gave Black people the right to vote.

“Patrick Morrisey should be removed from office and disbarred for conspiring with other state attorney generals to violate the constitutional rights of United States citizens,” said Brown.

Several West Virginia delegates echoed this sentiment including Del. Mike Pushkin, D-Kanawha County, who sits on the W.Va. House Judiciary Committee. He said Morrisey knows better than to involve West Virginians in a frivolous attempt to undermine the electoral process and disenfranchise voters. Pushkin said the process will begin with an investigation by the judiciary committee and the resolution that will be drafted will ask this committee to investigate Morrisey’s actions.

He said to build consensus for the action will be difficult given Democrats are the minority in the House. He said just because it will be a tough thing to do it doesn’t meant it shouldn’t be done because it is the right thing to do.

Del. Danielle Walker, D-51, said she proudly stands as an ally who she agrees with the resolution drafted by the NAACP.

“It is disrespectful. It is disgusting and it is a disregard for so many voices that exercised their right to vote,” Walker said.

Walker said what is being communicated with this resolution is that voters will not be silenced or gagged.

“You placed politics over the people of West Virginia,” she said.

Del. Barbara Fleischauer, D-51, said she believes Morrisey’s actions were a violation of his legal ethics as an attorney. She believes the resolution should include that the state bar investigate Morrisey.

“I think we need to look into charges against him,” she said.

Fleischauer said Morrisey’s actions also encouraged people to storm the capitol last week. She called for a full-fledged investigation of the attorney general’s actions.

Ryan Frankenberry of the Working Families Party also stood with the NAACP and said Morrisey had betrayed the state and the nation with his actions.

“Enough is enough. Patrick Morrisey is unfit to hold the highest law enforcement office in West Virginia and he must be removed,” said Frankenberry.

Going forward, the NAACP hopes to get the resolution presented in the West Virginia House, contact the bar and circulate a petition to have Morrisey removed.

“If we stand together, as one people, we will come out victoriously in our pursuit of justice for everyone,” said Owens.

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