Jason DeFrance

New council member Jason DeFrance, left, and Tim Ridenour were sworn in Monday to their seats on White Hall town council by Mayor John Michael.

WHITE HALL – White Hall town council appointed Jason DeFrance to its vacant seat at Monday’s regular meeting.

Although DeFrance won the seat in an uncontested run for the position in last month’s election, the state of his voter registration prevented him from being eligibile to be sworn in last month.

“He was registered in Pleasant Valley to vote,” said Charlie Mason, town recorder of White Hall. “He had moved here to White Hall six or seven years ago and previously lived in Pleasant Valley. When he moved over here he hadn’t renewed his registration.”

DeFrance was able to remedy this situation following the town’s election canvassing, by registering to vote in his current address of White Hall, according to Mason.

“He met all the requirements, he went back in to the courthouse,” he said. “He couldn’t do anything until we certified the election; canvassed the election for some reason. He went back in to re-register the vote.”

Mason ended up being the one to motion to appoint DeFrance Monday, seeing that he attended a meeting of some of the council members, and demonstrated a genuine his interest in the position.

“We had a meeting last week and even though he wasn’t appointed or anything he came as a citizen and sat in on it,” he said. “I felt if the guy was interested enough to come to sit and listen and talk about the matter, he should be interested enough in it to be appointed to council.

“I made the motion to appoint him. We swore him in and he was appointed, took his council [seat].”

Monday’s meeting was also the first led by the town’s new Mayor John Michael, who swore into the position at the previous meeting.

White Hall Town Hall will be closed Thursday and Friday to move the rest of the materials from the old town quarters to the new Public Safety Building, which will reopen Monday.

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