Brittany Lippincott

Brittany Lippincott is escorted to her preliminary hearing Thursday in Fairmont on child neglect charges by county sheriff’s department transport officer Melissa Southern, left, and Department of Corrections officer Rana Stephens.

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont woman who allegedly locked her 3-year-old son in a closet, tortured and deprived him of food waived her preliminary hearing Thursday before Marion County Magistrate Melissa Pride Linger.

Brittany Nicole Lippincott, 28, of 106 Monongah Heights was escorted by transport officers into magistrate court in the J. Harper Meredith Building in Fairmont, where her request to reduce her bond from $100,000 to $30,000 was denied.

Clutching papers, she wore orange prison clothes and took her seat in the courtroom by her attorney, Holly Turkett. Turkett requested the bail reduction, saying Lippincott had no criminal history other than a misdemeanor that was pending. According to Linger, the misdemeanor involves a false pretense charge.

In arguing for the bail reduction, Turkett said Lippincott resides in the county and has ties to it, and isn’t a flight risk. She said she believed Lippincott would be able to post the lowered bond.

However, the county’s chief assistant prosecutor, Jennifer Pigott, said she “strongly opposed” the request, based on the facts and circumstances of the case.

She said the $100,000 bond was “beyond fair, just and reasonable,” and asked the request be denied.

Turkett said bond wasn’t punitive.

Linger, however, said she was leaving the bond “as-is.”

According to Pigott, Lippincott’s case will be bound over to county circuit court, and put for possible future indictment to the county grand jury.

A criminal complaint states the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by DHHR workers, found the child May 9 at 106 Monongah Heights where they arrested Lippincott. According to the records, Lippincott is charged with child neglect resulting in serious injury and gross neglect of a child creating a substantial risk of death of serious bodily injury. Both charges are felonies.

Lippincott is in North Central Regional Jail.

The criminal complaint was filed after a Marion County Sheriff’s detective went to Lippincott’s home at 106 Monongah Heights May 9 to assist West Virginia DHHR workers conduct a home check.

Lippincott, whom police said had numerous outstanding warrants for drug charges, was the subject of the home check. There was an anonymous referral that Lippincott was allegedly distributing controlled substances with children in the residence, the complaint states.

Police contacted Lippincotts’s mother, who in turn, said no one was at the residence, according to the complaint.

While there, deputies saw a woman, identified as Lippincott, walking down a hallway toward rooms.

According to the court papers, there was a doorway located first on the left that was locked shut with an eye bolt and hook.

One of the law enforcement officers, a sergeant, opened the door and stated, “they’ve got kids locked in here,” the complaint states.

After the scene was secured, the detective was told that a three-year-old male child was found in the locked room and appeared in poor health, according to the court papers.

The sergeant said the child had been in “just his underwear” when he opened the door, and his appearance was “emaciated, pale, with apparent bruising on his face near the eye and mouth.” Police said the child was able to verbally communicate with the officers and DHHR workers.

According to the court papers, police found digital hand scales, plastic bags with white residue and plates with white residue and snorting straws in the residence. A search warrant was obtained and the items were seized.

The child was transported by DHHR to Fairmont Regional Medical Center for a wellness check and was photographed to document his condition. The complaint states that upon a visual inspection of the child’s condition, a complete outline of the child’s rib cage was visibly apparent from the front and back views because of emaciation.

After examining the child’s backside, it was found that because of the emaciation, the child has no formed buttock, but rather sagging skin, the court papers state.

Police and healthcare officials found the child’s face bruised near the eyes and mouth, and the child’s back had a laceration on the lower section. The complaint states that the child’s genitals also had signs of trauma.

The child was then transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown for further treatment, and because of his genital injuries, a sexual assault exam was completed.

When an examiner asked about injuries to the child’s lip, he allegedly responded “mommy did it with pliers,” the complaint states. Medical records of the child’s treatment at Ruby Memorial Hospital showed the child weighed 22.6 pounds, six ounces and is two feet 11 inches tall.

The court papers state that the medical records further indicate that when asked about the injuries to his privates, the child allegedly replied, “mom hurt me with the pliers.” Also, the child allegedly stated he has to “sit at the table and watch them eat, it’s not my turn,” according to the complaint.

In a police interview, Lippincott allegedly stated she noticed issues with the child in October 2018 and he has not seen a doctor. She allegedly stated that he “needs help, he needs to go to a doctor.”

“Miss Lippincott stated…(the child)… had not been to a doctor in a year and she had not sought treatment for his issues,” the complaint reads. Lippincott allegedly stated she would lock the child in his room at night “a couple times,” but usually during the day.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that information provided on the criminal complaint spelled Lippincott’s last name incorrectly as Lippencott.

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