Jamya Abrams

Jamya Abrams leaves Marion County Court recently after being sentenced for a fraud case dating back to April 28, 2015 in Marion County.

FAIRMONT — A 24-year-old Pontiac, Mich. woman entered a guilty plea recently in Marion County Court in a fraud case dating back to April 28, 2015 in Marion County.

Marion County Prosecutor Jeffrey Freeman said Jamya Abrams pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery as part of a plea agreement before Marion County Judge David R. Janes.

She received sentences of two terms of no less than 1 or more than 10 years in a state penitentiary, to be served consecutively, but those sentences were suspended and she was placed on probation for three years, according to Freeman. He said supervision of the probation may be transferred to her home state of Michigan.

“She asked to remain in West Virginia until both the interstate compact on the transfer of supervision is completed,” he said. “Both states basically have to approve.”

Freeman explained the crimes to which Abrams pleaded guilty.

“She and others had found some way to print authentic-looking business checks and made them payable to Jamya Abrams, presented them to two separate banks in Marion County, W.Va.,” he said. He said one was Fairmont Federal Credit Union and the other was BCBank.

“The fictitious checks were purportedly from BB&T,” he said.

However, Freeman noted, “the company did not have an account at BB&T, and the checks were  not authentic, but were printed somehow by computer.”

According to a previously published Times West Virginian article, a detective with the Fairmont Police Department said Abrams used two fraudulent checks that drew $1,721.06 from Freedom Home Medical LLC, a Morgantown business. The detective said he spoke with the business owner who told him he had never heard of Abrams and didn’t authorize the checks.

Freeman said Abrams made it look as if she were an employee or a client of the business getting a refund.

He said a charge of fraudulent scheme charge, a charge of conspiring with other people and two uttering charges were dismissed.

Freeman said a warrant was served on Abrams after she was located in Detroit, and she was brought back to Marion County.

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