Owner of Wood Mobile, Mitch Wood, pressure-washes graffiti off a wall in Palatine Park.

FAIRMONT — Organizations have teamed up to clean up Palatine Park.

Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission events coordinator John Provins said the owner of Wood Mobile, Mitch Wood, called and asked how he could get involved in cleaning up Marion County.

Provins offered Palatine Park as a location to clean first because it is the most visible.

Wood Mobile is a pressure-washing business, but has offered services as donation, only charging for the cost of the products used.

“We’re going to clean Fairmont up. ... I’ve always wanted to clean it up,” Wood said. He said he is a clean freak, and graffiti in the city has always bothered him.

In removing the graffiti from Palatine Park, Wood used World’s Best Graffiti Remover from PPG. It’s the only thing that works, he said.

After applying the product, waiting and reapplying, he pressure-washed it off the wall along with the graffiti. Although the graffiti he removed appeared to be encouraging and Christian, he said it was done to cover up obscenities and explicit work.

Graffiti takes time and is expensive to remove, but he said they will add what he called an anti-graffiti sealant.

“They can’t come out here tonight and tag it because we’ll put a sealant on it that prevents them from tagging it and making it difficult to remove it,” he explained.

Wood mentioned working with City Manager Robin Gomez to help improve the appearance of dilapidated buildings as well.

Community pride is the main reason Provins stated as the reason to clean up the graffiti.

“That attitude has been so drastic in the last few years,” Provins said. “This year, the phone calls are, ‘Can I do this? ... How can I help?’”

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