“Better Together.”

The theme for the United Way’s 2020 fundraising campaign reminds us of a simple truth, too often forgotten in our day-to-day lives: Together, we can accomplish more than any one individual. Together, we are much more than the sum of our parts.

The theme is particularly fitting this year for a few reasons, one of which is this year, for the first time, the fundraising campaign is being co-chaired by a married couple, Amy and Patrick Snively. On Tuesday, the Snivelys outlined the course of the campaign at the United Way Leadership Breakfast, in which more than 125 local business and community leaders attended.

It was at this breakfast that executive director of United Way, Brett White, announced another change aptly described by this year’s theme — for the first time, Marion County has joined forces with Taylor County, and the joint venture is running the campaign as United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties.

“We are so excited to begin this breakfast this morning for the first time ever as the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties,” White said. “This exciting expansion is allowing us to bring funding, collaboration and support to the hardworking agencies and nonprofits in Taylor County.”

Along with the new support Taylor County will bring to United Way, the campaign has set an ambitious fundraising goal to match — $500,000, a full $25,000 higher than last year.

“This theme is special because it reminds each of us that by working together, we can lift up others and create positive change for the community,” Patrick Snively said. “Together, we are going to raise over $500,000.”

With the new support and wider area of coverage, we are optimistic about this goal and believe United Way can meet, if not exceed, their fundraising target.

In a way, “Better Together” is a motto that has always described United Way.

It is an organization that thrives only through our collective willingness to contribute to ourselves and each other. Together, we can help feed and clothe children and the needy, help cover costly medical expenses for those who need it, provide hundreds of hours of mental health counseling, provide shelter to abuse victims and take care of senior citizens in need of in-home care and meals. Together, we can accomplish great things, affecting an estimated 24,600 people in both Marion and Taylor counties.

It brings us no small amount of pride to be partnered with such an organization, and we urge our readers to consider taking part in, if not monetarily, then with a small contribution of time as a volunteer.

The campaign officially starts on Sept. 3 and will include the Maroon Madness Football Game on Oct. 12, Dancing with the Stars on Oct. 19, Market in the Park on Nov. 16, the Celebration of Lights from Nov. 22 to Dec. 27 and the Reindeer Run 5K on Dec. 5.