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Cheers to the NASA IV&V facility for hosting employees’ children for Inspiring the Next Generation Day. The children participated in various activities that built STEM skills and let them engage their brains in new ways.

It’s great to see such a major employer in our community providing programs.

Cheers to Emerging Leaders for planning a supply drive for local students. The group was formed from the United Way of Marion County, and is behind Stock the Shelves, a drive that involves placing donations bins at businesses and organizations throughout the county.

They are meant to be drop off spots for items such as travel-sized shampoo and soap, non-perishable snacks, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, sunscreen, Chapstick, floss, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, feminine hygiene products, flip flops, travel tissues, toboggans, gloves, underwear, shorts, T-Shirts, socks and sweatpants. These items will go to local students in need, and we hope you consider donating.

Cheers to Bruce McDaniel, who served as interim city manager while Fairmont City Council searched for a more permanent replacement.

We and the rest of the community appreciate his willingness to step up and serve Fairmont once again.

Cheers to Civil War Trails, Inc., a nonprofit organization behind the civil war trail markers around town. The markers have taken some damage over the years, but the group has announced their intention to repair them.

We think it’s important to remember the history of Fairmont, and we’re glad to see the effort being made to maintain that part of our town.

Cheers to Connie VanGilder and everyone else involved in Project Graduation. Project Graduation is an all-night party event hosted by members of the community who want to give the graduates of each of the county high schools a fun and free place to celebrate.

We think this is a great tradition, and it’s important to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.

Cheers to Richard Morris, a lawyer who serves in North Central West Virginia. Morris saw a number of cases stemming from the opioid crisis in our state and has teamed up with Marion County schools to help provide legal aid to parents of students. It’s important that these services are available for custody issues or other cases involving the students.

We’re happy to see these services being provided for those who need it, and hope to watch the program improve the lives of both students and parents in our community.