Cheers to the stakeholders who are planning to celebrate the City of Fairmont’s Bicentennial in 2020. We urge every citizen to step up and take pride in the city’s rich history while looking forward to a bright future.

Cheers to the 45,000 visitors from around the world who are down in Glen Jean taking part in the World Scout Jamboree. It’s not often a state gets to host this many visitors at one time for one event.

Cheers to the State Legislature for extending the Grandfamilies program in to each of the state’s 55 counties, including the school districts. Now this tender segment of the community will have added support.

Cheers to the “A Moment of Magic Foundation” Chapter at WVU and the Hoops for Hope Foundation teaming up recently to raise money – and lift the spirits of and for – kids living with chronic disease.

Cheers to Fairmont State University’s Kristy Henson, assistant professor of forensic science, and student Alexandra Knighten, who recently took part in a bioarchaeology dig in the Historic Harrison Township Cholera Cemetery, where a cholera epidemic took place in 1832 and 1849.

Cheers to the Fairmont Human Rights Commission for its first meeting where it approved by-laws and a new logo, as well as the decision to hold listening sessions to gauge public opinion.

Cheers to United Way of Marion and Taylor counties and its upcoming effort to distribute FEMA through that agency’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program. The funds will be a great help for nonprofits that provide assistance for emergency food and shelter services.

Cheers to Fairmont City Council for giving a boost to Marion County with the creation of a Tax Increment Financing District for the Middletown Commons project now under construction. Anything that will boost the tax base is good.

Cheers to all of the region’s law enforcement authorities who have been diligently searching for this child.

Cheers to Main Street Fairmont in its effort leading the way to spruce up Merchant Street so it can attract a demographic that usually heads to cities to the north or south for entertainment and dining.

Cheers to the Fairmont Police Department for its work preparing for another Night Out event for the community. Now, it’s the community that needs to step up and support for this unique tool in the ongoing campaign against crime.

Cheers to the Fairmont staff of Mon Power and its record-setting numbers in this year’s Harvest for Hunger campaign to raise foods to help nonprofits that help people who face food insecurity.

Cheers to Fairmont City Council for creating the Friendly City Spotlight Award to honor the average citizen who exemplifies kindness and service to others.

Jeers to the Monongah man who allegedly stole away with his biological daughter and led W.Va. State Police to launch an Amber Alert for the 4-year-old girl and caused an entire community to live in fear and disgust.

Jeers to the West Virginia Legislature and its vote to keep a bankrupt uncompetitive coal-fired power plant afloat effectively siphoning off $12.5 million in state revenue by way of a tax break.

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