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Cheers to the Marion County teachers who took to the street this past week to protest and voice their opposition to the Student Success Act that was passed in the recent Special Session of the W.Va. Legislature. They keep making it clear that West Virginians do not want charter schools yet legislators keep ignoring them. We are happy to see them continuing to take an active role in the continuing battle to better the West Virginia education system.

Cheers to Karter King, an eighth grader at Rivesville Elementary Middle School, for winning Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s statewide ‘Kids Kick Opioids’ contest with her poster. King’s art will be displayed in newspapers across the state. For all the thought and hard work she did to win the contest, which included more than 9,500 applicants, we wish her every success in the future.

Cheers to Marion County for sponsoring a plethora of Memorial Day dedications and memorial events. It’s great to see the county honor those men and women for their service and sacrifice.

Cheers to the Marion County Health Department for not only finding 12 health code violations at Full Service Kitchen in Rivesville, but also finding E. coli in the water in Fairview and acting quickly to contain the bacteria and clean the water. The people who work there constantly make sure the county’s people are safe through testing and investigating, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Cheers to the City of Fairmont for adopting an ordinance that would give city employees such as police and firefighters, a 1.5% pay raise (with the exception of the city manager and the information technology technician) and, in some cases, a market adjustment to their base pay.

Cheers to the Marion County Grand Jury for issuing indictments for first-degree murder for cousins Kenneth Royal Rager, 29, and Kenneth James Rager, 30, for their role in a drug deal that went bad. We support every effort to rid Marion County of this element of crime yet knowing that the drug problem cannot be solved by arrests alone.

Cheers to the City of Pleasant Valley for their work to dedicate the Kingmont overpass bridge on I-79 in honor of two Kingmont residents — U.S. Army Pfc. Jarrett Springer, who was lost in combat in 1945 in World War II in the Invasion of Luzon, and Marine Corps Pfc. Benjamin “Benny” Hamrick, who was lost in combat in 1966 in the Vietnam War. Both were from Kingmont.

Jeers to the owners of Full Circle Kitchen in Rivesville. It’s horrible and disgusting that health inspectors found 12 code violations while inspecting the business, and it’s also terrible that the owners were each arrested on warrants relating to a multitude of other charges — including stolen property and bad checks in Pennsylvania.

Although Full Circle was shut down on Saturday, and we’re grateful to the people who discovered these violations and brought Matthew and Colleen Swartz to justice, we hope no one in Marion County suffered illness or otherwise from eating there.

Jeers to West Virginia legislators. Education needs to be fixed, and the teachers know what is needed. Listen to them, and stop trying to push your own agendas.

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