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Cheers to the members of FirstEnergy’s Women in Leadership group for collecting professional women’s clothing for women looking to enter professional positions who can’t afford appropriate clothes for the job. The group is addressing a unique and specific problem that many people may not have realized existed and we think it’s great that these women have someplace to turn to. We hope to see more women in positions of power, and we’re glad to have a group like this in our community. 

Cheers to TK Blockstar and everyone else involved in the local fundraiser that once again helped area students by providing them with backpacks. This is the second year in a row for this fundraiser, and we’re happy to see it continue.

Cheers to anyone who has voted in our comics poll. Many readers have provided feedback on our decision to relocate Mallard Fillmore, both positive and negative, and we have heard your concerns. We apologize for any misunderstandings about what we did or why we did it. Mallard Fillmore will still regularly appear in our paper on the opinion page, we simply felt the political nature of the comic would be more at home among the columns and editorials. We appreciate anyone who has shared their thoughts with us, and we hope they continue reading. If you would like to cast your vote for the comic that will replace Mallard Fillmore on the comics page, you can find the poll at

Cheers to Bob Huggins and the White Hall Walmart for participating in the DonorsChoose project, which helped put over $260,000 worth of school supplies into classrooms statewide. DonorsChoose, a teacher-centric website, allowed teachers to create a wishlist of supplies for their classroom, and 340 of those lists in West Virginia were paid for by Walmart in full. Huggins joined White Hall Walmart employees in delivering the supplies to classrooms, and we’re grateful for both the supplies and the initiative and passion shown by Huggins and the other employees. 

Cheers to the Homebrewers Club for planning their 7th annual Homebrewers Against Hunger event, and to Fairmont City Council for giving it their support. The event will be from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 14 at Palatine Park. Funds raised will help support local food banks, which provide an important service around Marion County. 

Cheers to The Rambling Root for hosting the Craft and Cornhole event, which raised money for Special Olympics West Virginia. This event helped raise funds to cover participating athletes food and lodging expenses and will help participants throughout the state. We’re happy to see a local event doing good all over the state, and believe this is a cause worth supporting.

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