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Cheers to Union Valley Baptist Church on Flat Run Road in Mannington, which celebrates its 165th anniversary today, and to the faithful who worship there. It’s encouraging to see this milestone in this era when more and more people are checking out of mainstream religion.

Cheers to the WVU Extension Service in Marion County or its efforts to revitalize Downtown Mannington. This Tuesday, the community is invited to attend yet another community conversation Extension will hold there to cast a vision of what Mannington residents want their city to be.

Cheers to the United Way of Marion and Taylor counties and the volunteers who took part in the 2nd Annual Day of Action, the nationwide program aimed to get folks involved in their communities through fundraising and rolling up their sleeves to help spruce up nonprofit organizations. The United Way rallied 168 local volunteers who worked at 21 local sites last week.

Cheers again to the WVU Extension Service in Marion County and AmeriCorps for carrying out the program Energy Express. More than just a summer reading program, Energy Express helps kids who come from homes facing food security learn, read and grow in a creative, safe place during summer.

Cheers to the Benedum Airport in Clarksburg and how its passenger traffic continues to rise. It’s good to know Marion County tax dollars, which go to fund the airport along with funds from other counties, are paying off.

Cheers to Marion County Health Department Administrator Lloyd White and his team for staying on top of the Fairview water system and the recent E. coli scare. It’s incidents like these that reinforce the need for strong regulations to protect the health and welfare of our residents.

Cheers to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and its newest member, Turbo the K-9 officer, and his handler, Deputy Brandon Clyde. May officer Turbo help Clyde and other deputies rid Marion County of the illicit drugs on its streets.

Cheers to outgoing Superintendent of Schools Gary Price for his 44-year commitment to public education and leadership, in general. He leaves the district in solid hands with Incoming Superintendent Randy Farley who takes on his new role starting July 1.

Cheers to Grace Wallace Golden Clayton for inspiring the inaugural Father’s Day celebration here in Fairmont in 1908 to honor the men who lost their lives in the Monongah Mining Disaster of 1907. May the tradition remain forever in our hearts.

Cheers to the PACE Project and its effort to transform the former Monongah United Methodist Church into a community center for the town. We wish them luck with their June 30 bingo event at the Knights of Columbus where they hope to raise $7,000 for the project.

Cheers to TMC Technologies of Pleasant Valley for using an employee referral bonus program to attract new talent to the growing company. Such programs not only boost morale within the ranks of the current staff but also send a message that the company is proud of where it is and what’s doing.

Cheers to everyone who took part in Songs for Paws, the annual Palatine Park event that helps raise money for the Marion County Humane Society. The society is in the process of trying to obtain a site in Idamay to build a new state-of-the-art shelter for pets that need forever homes.

Cheers to Spittin’ Feathers BBQ of Youngstown, Ohio for taking home the $1,500 prize and bragging rights as the West Virginia Grand Champion in the inaugural Smokin on the Buffalo BBQ Brawl held in Mannington last weekend. We’ll show ‘em next time.

Cheers to Marion County PFLAG and Marion County Indivisible for hosting the 2nd Annual Pride picnic for the LGBTQ community and giving people a place to feel safe and making sure they know they are not alone. Belated cheers to the Fairmont Rotary Club for coordinating and organizing the June 14 Flag Day ceremony. Events like these not only build community but also serve to teach today’s youth why it’s important to study history and learn from the past while instilling patriotism.

Jeers to the chaos in Charleston known as the Special Session on Education Betterment. It appears lawmakers continue to ignore 88% of West Virginians who said they do not want charter schools in their state.

We encourage lawmakers to listen to the education professionals who are on the frontlines every day trying to teach the children who come in their classrooms with a myriad of problems that get in the way of them focusing on their classwork and learning. Let’s focus on solutions to those problems first, or else we’re leaving another generation behind.

Jeers to whatever caused the water line to break at the Marion County Humane Society and how the break added an unforeseen cost to the nonprofit agency. Perhaps pet lovers with deep pockets will come along as donors and help them out.

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