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Cheers to the Fairmont City Council for not only forming the Human Rights Commission, but also for electing officers and setting a work session for 3 p.m. on May 24 to form its by-laws. The Commission’s purpose is to make itself available to the people, who now have a way to voice their thoughts and concerns to the legislative body that governs our town in addition to an avenue through which

Cheers to Kandice Nuzum for organizing the local National Day of Prayer event that took place on Thursday in front of the Fairmont Courthouse. From Noon to 1 p.m., local ministers and pastors gathered to lead citizens in prayers that touched on topics from President Trump to the homeless.

We think this was a great way to unify the town and remind people to spread the message of loving / thinking about one another, something which seems to get lost in the shuffle.

Cheers to Fairmont State for hiring Stephanie Anderson as the new women’s basketball head coach. Having been with the program for the past five years as an assistant coach, Anderson’s familiarity with the program and the athletes — not to mention her successes as both a coach and a player — make her an ideal choice to succeed Steve McDonald.

We are excited to see Anderson continue to build the women’s basketball program and looking forward to watching her flourish in her new role.

Cheers to the Fairmont-Marion County Transit Authority for adding a new bus shelter on Mary Lou Retton Drive near Big Tree Drive for commuters to use. Construction of the project, a partnership with the Family Resource Network, Kiwanis and students from a public transportation class at West Virginia University, is set to be built within the month.

We applaud this decision, as it will give both adults and children more options for shelter from any possible elements while waiting for transportation.

Jeers to West Virginia DNR Chief Stephen McDaniel, the Florida state prosecutor and West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice.

McDaniel was arrested in St. Augustine, Florida after an alleged alterncation with his ex-wife got physical, although the charges were later dropped, as the prosecutor allegedly “erroneously” charged McDaniel with domestic battery. Justice did not accept McDaniel’s letter of resignation when McDaniel presented it to him earlier this week, which appears to the public as being lenient with the behavior McDaniel was accused of.

As stated in a Friday editorial, we are aghast at the behavior exhibited by all three legislators. We understand “innocent until proven guilty,” but allowing someone to jump through legal hoops so they won’t have to face an investigation or legal consequences is an abomination of our justice system. This behavior should not be allowed, or tacitly approved, and we would like to reiterate that no one is above the law.

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