Cheers to Lajuana Logan for continuing to organize the Fairmont Juneteenth Celebration. Every generation must be taught about the struggles the previous generation endured.

Cheers to the behind the scenes work carried out each year by members of the the Mountaineer Amateur Radio Association. These ham radio operators provide backup communications for everything from the American Red Cross to FEMA and even for the International Space Station.

Cheers to the Northern Appalachian Coal Mining Heritage Association and the Coal Heritage Festival for reminding us where we came from.

Cheers to Literacy Volunteers of Marion County and the two new Little Libraries they set up around the community. Reading and literacy are the fundamental building blocks to prosperity.

Cheers to the family of Kerry Marbury for a life well-lived. He was an athlete, a coach, a professor, and so much more. Our condolences go out to you in this trying time.

Cheers to the WVU Extension Service and Camp Mar-Mac. Although there were some years camp was not able to be held at Mar-Mac, let’s all celebrate 100 years of 4-H camping in Marion County!

Cheers to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for their 3-month investigastion into a drug operation out of a home n Fairview, involving two small children, one with autism.

Jeers to the Fairmont City Council for the recent 4-4 vote on requiring the city manager to live in the city. Two steps forward, one step back.

Cheers to the organizers of the Paw Paw District Fair and for all of the fun and community spirit it helps instill and build in Rivesville and Marion County.

Cheers to the American Baseball Coaches Association for naming WVU Baseball Coach Randy Mazey Regional Coach of the Year and to Mazey himself for a banner year.

Cheers to the Marion County Humane Society No-Kill Shelter for getting back on its feet after a water line break flooded the facility and forced a shut down. Cheers to Busy Beaver for lending them a hand as well.

Cheers to Fairmont City Council for approving the Locust Avenue project. We look forward to see more than sidewalks come into play to spruce things up on that corridor.

Cheers to the Disability Action Center’s Summer Work Program to help everyone realie their full potential. It’s programs like this that make a difference that’s hard to put into words.

Cheers to Emma Rice Paw Paw District Fair Pageant Queen 2019. May she have a year of reign that makes the community proud.

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