Our country is truly indebted to Anna Jarvis from our neighboring Taylor County for her inspiration and dedication in founding an annual Mother’s Day. Of all our national celebrations, Mother’s Day allows us an opportunity to honor and celebrate the role of motherhood.

Every American, without exception, shares one thing in common: we all have a mother. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Each differs in her personality and has a unique pattern of discipline and affection. Her persona is formed on the run as she dutifully fills many roles of leadership in community, school and family obligations.

The mothers of this 21st century face challenges far beyond even the thoughts of the mothers who preceded them. Just when they are convinced that they have it all together, some new obstacle rises to block their path of dedicated and determined parenthood. With so many roles to play in the pursuit of family bonding, they become physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. Although the years have not accumulated, the mileage performed nevertheless leaves emotional and physical wear and tear with little personal time for mom.

Beyond all accurate challenge, mom is the family glue that holds everything together, even far into the years of grandparenting. Although her attire, style, community involvement, political participation, and role model attributes have drastically evolved, her love for and devotion to her family remains solid and beyond reproach. Her love and devotion are equal to all those moms who have parented before her.

We of the older generations cherish memories of our mothers and their sacrifices toward our well-being. This is as it should be. But the sons and daughters of this 21st century will likewise, and with no less respect and remembrance, cherish the memories of their mothers.

Motherhood of all historical periods remains comparable. The cardinal difference between mothers of diverse times is simply the difference in defining the sacrifices. Good mothers always have chosen and will forever continue to choose their child and family when confronted with a choice between them and any other priority or proposition.

Shall each of us, on this annual day set aside for celebrating motherhood, convey our love and appreciation to our mothers who are alive and with us. To those of our moms who have left us, shall we take a few moments and fondly recall their invaluable role of warmth and love in our lives.

Adapting Napoleon’s long ago quote: Let [France] America have good mothers, and she will have good sons. H. W. Beecher said it well: “The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.”

Our America, as never before, needs good mothers to guarantee the future of our blessed land. Happy Mother’s Day 2019 from all the children of all ages.