I just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding.

We have been working to open a Children’s [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math] hands-on center for children and we were considering FSU’s building that had sat empty for a couple years but they have decided to auction it off. They have every right to do so and we have no hard feelings towards them for doing so.

While we would have loved to partner with them and even use their students and professors to help educate and excite children about education, they cannot decide who buys the facility once it’s put up for auction. And we have nothing but respect and appreciation for FSU.

Our only concern is that putting it up for auction means it can be sold to a hot spot or tobacco store, but, once again, it’s their building.

We wish them the best in their pursuit to raise funding for the college.


Frank Jarman

Executive Director of the Family Resource Network


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